Recruitment Status: BF3 Division

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Recruitment Status: BF3 Division Empty Recruitment Status: BF3 Division

Post  pksllayer on January 12th 2012, 10:57 am

Recruiting for SgAF BF3 Division is now CLOSED

This is of course subject to evaluation and trial of potential recruits. For those who wish to join, please submit an application in this forum.

For additional information regarding recruitment, contact clearwater87/pksllayer. You can do so by adding them as friends on battlelog, if your username on this forum is different from your battlelog, please also add that to your application.

Applicants please use the following format as stated below:
Period of playing BF3:
Previous experience:
Preferred kits/styles:
Any upcoming commitments:

Things we are looking out for.
1) Commitment
2) Teamwork
3) Ethics


Recruitment Status: BF3 Division Pksllayer


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