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Post  freakout2967 on January 12th 2008, 8:46 am

SgAF, also known as Singapore Assault Force, was founded by clearwater87. This clan was formed in view of the interest to gather like-minded 2142 players to play together for pleasure and, perhaps one day, play competitively. Our mission is to bring balance to the game and make this clan a cohesive and respectable one which players from Singapore and other countries will recognise for its disciplined members and ethical gameplay.

For those interested, do take note of the following recruitment criteria :-
1) Must be Singaporean (Exceptions will be considered)
2) Able to commit to the game and to our trainings
3) Open to comments and critisism
4) Good team player
5) Observe playing ethics of oneself
6) Will not do anything to jeopardize the image & fame of SgAF


Application Format ( Kindly COPY and PASTE this template)

Application to -SgAF-

Real name :
Age/Sex :
How long you've been playing BF2142/COD4/CODMW2 : (<--PLEASE SELECT GAME)
Play-time frequency (when & duration) :
Favourite kit :
Email :
Reason to join -SgAF- :


PLease take note that all applicants are liable for assessment by clearwater87, hydriz, des7.ny, sumako, pksllayer, acecombat007 and me. Normally, applications take 2-3 weeks before the results are out. Applicants are highly encouraged to play more actively during this period of time so that an assessment can be done as soon as possible. Inactiveness during this period of time might result in a prolonged application-waiting time. We seek your cooperation and kind understanding.

By being accepted into the clan, it doesn't necessarily mean you would be guaranteed a chance to take part in competitions. There is still another series of requirements that we will consider before HANDPICKING the selected few to represent SgAF in competitions.

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